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Friday, October 28, 2022

Developing An Auction Dinner (Part Three - Continued)

 I have had the privilege of attending and working with thousands of auction dinners throughout North America for over 20 years. Some had several thousand attendees, while others only had fifty or so. The articles that follow are meant to give an overview of how successful auction dinners are conceived, planned and managed.

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Event Plan Implementation 

12. Master of Ceremonies

Your Master of Ceremonies is the public face of your event. He/she should fully aware of the purpose of your event and what you are trying to accomplish. They should also be intimately knowledgeable of your program and how you want it to flow. The Master of Ceremonies should conduct themselves professionally, be articulate and have a good communications voice. Most sound systems are unforgiving at best and disastrous at worst. Check everything out BEFORE you start! 

13. Auctioneer

It’s nice to have a friend to volunteer to be your auctioneer. You’ll save lots of money… RIGHT! NO!! A poor auctioneer can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lost revenue. If there isn’t a professional auctioneer available as a volunteer, hire one. The money you spend will be money well spent. Entertaining auctioneers can be great, but if they more entertainer than auctioneer, you won’t get the most value from your auction items. Great auctioneers can “feel” the crowd… they move them to bid, even the tough crowds. If you are in doubt about the abilities of your chosen auctioneer, get references and contact them to see how pleased they were. It would be even better if you could attend one of the auctioneer’s events and evaluate them in person.

(To be continued)

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