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Over the years we have been able to meet and talk with some very interesting people. They have shared with us their knowledge and have provided us with a great deal of insight as to how and why festivals and events work and why they are so important to our communities and to the Province of Ontario. With this in mind, we decided that we wanted you to meet and hear from some of the wonderful people who work so hard to provide us all with such wonderful Ontario Festivals and Events! We are pleased and proud to present "THE INSIDE SCOOP"!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Westben Arts Festival Theatre - Donna Bennett - soprano, pianist/composer

Donna Bennett & Brian Finley
Westben Arts Festival Theatre

I will finish this THE INSIDE SCOOP, with Scoop from the Westben Arts Festival Theatre. Here I have the privilege of interviewing Donna Bennett Marketing Director, soprano, pianist/composer. I was wondering what advice you might give to others in the field that may just be starting out, THE INSIDE SCOOP as it were? Excellent answer from Donna … “Follow your heart and plan, plan, plan. Give to your community”.
Over the course of the year, I am collecting some anecdotes to publish. I asked Donna if she had something she would like to share in our THE INSIDE SCOOP special “anecdote” edition …“Artists consistently comment on the beauty of the barn and the meadow and how inspiring it is to be performing on the stage and see the fields, daisies and sunny skies.” “Due to the open nature of the facility, Meadow Passes allow listeners to experience the music from the surrounding grounds. Sit at one of the picnic tables or on a bench next to the pond. Bring your own lawn chair or blanket and enjoy the music al fresco! Feel free to bring a picnic or order a picnic basket from Westben. Meadow Passes are half the price of a ticket inside The Barn and are available on the day of performance (weather permitting) 90 minutes before performance time. Please call ahead to make sure they are available.”
The Westben Arts Festival Theatre website is fantastic for all the information you will need in planning your visit. I highly recommend attending! See their great website at http://www.westben.ca/.

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